A slow beauty movement

I believe that living in a world that is constantly changing and under impact of continuous information flow, influences us and how we look at ourselves in relation to others. The high pace and higher demands at work, at home, at school teaches us to work harder and faster. In a wider perspective this ultimately may affect our self-worth, that we are not enough as we are. That we need to do more, be more, be better.


The side effect of higher demands and group comparison, has made me pay attention to thoughts saying that ‘I need to fast forward to succeed’. I believe that a growing number of individuals are experiencing these kind of thoughts and struggling with feelings of shortcomings. We need to slow down. A consequence of fast forward living is that it somehow teaches us that this is the only road to leading a successful and meaningful life. The foundation of which The Beauty Archive stands is built on believing that we together can make a difference for our long-term health and that true beauty starts from within.


I ask myself, in what pace do I have to move to still be able to achieve my goals? Can I learn, can we learn, to see things happening and developing without rushing or fast forward life? I know slowing down can be stressful just by thinking ‘I need to slow down’. This in fact, can be a sign of stress. I am a strong advocate of quality before quantity. Always. Making conscious choices I believe will make this world a better place for next generations to come but also raise the quality of life, for us all as of today. I try to slow down in a way where I take time to take care, to listen to my body and my mind. This approach on life, taking a pause to breathe, I believe makes us see things in a more clearly perspective. It not only reduces stress levels, but also helps us reach our full potential.


Take a moment of your day and focus on where you are. Believe in your uniqueness, that you are great as you are, and that you can achieve what you want in life and still take time to take care. Self-caring could be everything from spending time with your dear ones, taking a walk in the fresh air to clear your mind from a busy day or investing in a beauty treat for yourself just because it makes you feel good. No matter the little or larger things, aim for whatever makes you truly happy in life and keep on walking towards it.

And remember, slowing down is not dangerous it is just different.

Founder of The Beauty Archive